Join thousands of Americans who have learned the principles of freedom found “In the Constitution”! In these 11 engaging presentations (see sample clips of each in the left-hand column) we explore the foundations of liberty and we tie them in with the actual text of the Constitution.

It seems that, to one degree or another, we understand the principles of freedom upon which our country was founded, and yet, sometimes, we feel uncomfortable when it comes to tying those principles in with the actual document that serves as the supreme law of our land.  That’s what the “In the Constitution” series is all about! The words of the Constitution come alive as we explore the Founding Fathers’ statements on the different topics and gain insight into how the Constitution embodies those foundational principles of freedom.

Each of the 11 presentations (view sample clips of each in the left-hand column) lasts about an hour and thoroughly breaks down a topic by:

  • Defining Terms (using the 1828 Webster Dictionary)
  • Explaining Founding Father’s Quotes on the subject
  • Analyzing the actual text of the Constitution
  • Applying what is learned to today

Additionally, each topic includes a:

  • Q&A Session (for answers to real world questions)
  • Bonus Feature (to go more in depth into interesting related issues)

Thousands of Americans are learning the beautiful truths and principles of freedom found “In the Constitution”.    Find out why.


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Here is what some of them are saying about the series

Representative Lynn Hutchings, Wyoming House District 42

I truly enjoy your Constitution presentations. I have learned so much from them and know, as a legislator, I am equipped to deal with almost any subject dealing with the Constitution. I have purchased extra copies to hand out and highly recommend people purchase their own sets or come to one of your classes. Thank you so much for all you have done to help educate the citizens in Wyoming with your in-depth, topical studies on the Constitution.

Kimberly Fletcher, President, HomeMakers for America

Jeff Hymas’s presentations are absolutely outstanding! He shares the principles of the constitution with such clarity and passion that he has become a favorite and highly requested speaker for our Ladies Liberty Convention events. Jeff’s “In the Constitution” DVD series is presented with just as much passion and clarity. I cannot recommend this series highly enough as a powerful resource for women and families to learn and share these most valuable principles of liberty in their own home. If you watch Jeff’s DVD’s you too will know what really is “In the Constitution” and just how precious a document it is!

Sam Tucceri, Executive Administrator, JHTP

Jeff was a pleasure to work with. The way he interacted with the crowd, his positive speaking tone, and his wonderfully researched presentations, served for a great event! The two presenations he has done for the Jackson Hole Tea Party were two of the best attended events we have had. I would highly recommend Jeff. He is truly professional, and extremely educational.

Senator Paul Barnard, Wyoming Senate District 15

I have enjoyed greatly the Constitution series presented by Jeff Hymas. Jeff is a great teacher and explains clearly the influence the Constitution can have on our lives. I learn something new each time I attend.

Representative Gerald Gay, Wyoming House District 36

Your “In the Constitution” presentations have proven invaluable to me. My day job as a legislator demands that I have a practical working knowledge of the Constitution. Your presentations, along with your commentaries regarding the history of the development of the Constitution have been amazingly helpful!

Representative Robert McKim, Wyoming House District 21

I have enjoyed the constitutional classes I have been attending. I think I have learned more about constitutional powers and what was proposed by our founding fathers then I would have ever learned by staying in school for 40 years. I would like to thank Jeff for his knowledge and his willingness to share it with me. I could actually understand what he told us and asked us to study. Thank you and please continue your service.