Trial Bee

Congratulations! By studying for the Constitution Bee you are becoming the


Congratulations! By studying for the Constitution Bee you are becoming the solution for America and the key to our future success and happiness. Thank you!

I know this is a bit lengthy but I am providing the following rules, suggestions and information to try to answer any questions up front before the final, online Constitution Bee which will be held during the week of April 18th through 23rd. Once you read through them with your child[ren] please have them click on the link to take the “Trial Bee” for their respective age group. If you have more than one child please ensure each of them takes the “Trial Bee”.


– RULE #1 – HAVE FUN! You are already a success because you have studied and learned the principles of freedom found in the Constitution!! Don’t stress about the Bee. Enjoy what you’ve learned.
– You, and only you, can answer the questions. (In the “Trial Bee” your parent/guardian will be there helping you but in the final, online Bee they cannot)
– You may not use notes or any other material to help you answer the questions during the Bee.
– The winners will receive a phone call of personal congratulations. The call will provide the winner an opportunity to provide a mailing address for the check to be mailed to. It will also provide the opportunity for the winner to prove through a series of short questions that he/she did indeed prepare for and qualify as the legitimate winner of the Bee.
– You will be allowed to take the “Trial Bee” only once. Similarly, for the final, online Bee you will be allowed to take the online Bee only once sometime during the week of April 18-23. (An email with further details will be sent a week before the Bee.)
– Once you start the final, online Bee you will not be allowed to pause or start again so make sure to allow yourself plenty of time to do your best.
– You cannot go back and answer questions. One question will be asked at a time and then once the answer is submitted, you cannot go back.
– You will have 5 minutes to complete the “Trial Bee” (which will be more than enough since there are only four questions) but we wanted you to get use to the idea of it being timed since the final, online Constitution Bee will also be timed.
-Speaking of timing on the final Bee, DON’T WORRY! (remember Rule #1). If you know the answers you will get done in plenty of time. If you don’t know the answers, you won’t have enough time to look them up – and, that would be cheating, so the clock is to help discourage that.
– There will be different amounts of time for the different age groups. But it will be plenty of time so as to hopefully not cause any stress or anxiety. (The times will be specified in an email that will be sent in the next few weeks.)


– Make sure to click on the “hint” button in question #3 for help on answering the question. Similar “hint” buttons may be on the final Bee. Always click them as they will help you get the right answer.
– After answering question #4 and before you click the “Finish Quiz” button at the end, take a minute to look around (you will most likely have at least 3 minutes left still on the timer). You will notice:
1) The countdown timer across the top showing how much time you have left
2) A question summary at the top (i.e. Question 4 of 4)
3) A point total in the upper right hand corner telling you how much the question is worth
– When you get done with the Bee and you are on the results page, make sure to click the blue “View Questions” button at the bottom in order to review your correct answers (highlighted in green) and your incorrect answers (highlighted in red). This will provide valuable feedback for you.


– There are four different types of questions that will be asked: Fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, “free choice” and essay.
1) Fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice will be graded by the system.
2) “Free choice” will also be graded by the system but it requires an exact answer to be written in the blank space. For example, in this “Trial Bee” question #4 will ask, “What is the name of the supreme law of our land?” The correct answer is: The Constitution (but I have programmed the answer key to allow for small variations, like in this case, “Constitution” (no “The”), “constitution” (lower case “c”), “the constitution” (both lower case “t” and “c”) “the Constitution” (lower case “t” and upper case “C”) So, just write what makes sense to you as the correct answer and you’ll get it right.


– In the case of the “Trial Bee”, question #1 (where you write your name and age) is an essay question where you are free to write whatever response you want.
– Some essay question(s) on the final Constitution Bee will ask that the response be 250 words or less. There is no need to get worried about exact word counts as neither the system nor the graders will count words. But a general rule is that a 250-word essay is anywhere from 8-14 sentences. (The shorter, the better!)
– The text box provided most likely won’t be big enough for 250 words. It can be expanded by simply continuing to type in the provided box or by clicking and dragging in the bottom right hand corner of the text box (where there are diagonal lines) to expand its size.
– On the final, online Bee essays will only be assigned to 13-14 yr olds, 15-16 yr olds and 17-18 yr old age groups, with older age groups being asked to answer more essay questions – though additional essay answers may be significantly shorter than 250 words.
Essay scoring:
– Essay(s) (which are worth up to 50 points) will not receive credit for any of the points until graded afterward by our team (which could take a few weeks).
– Points will be earned according to how well the essay(s) meets the criteria, which are:
1) the response demonstrates a clear and personal understanding of the concept
2) the response demonstrates organization and logic of thought processes
3) the response references Constitutional text and/or examples and analogies
4) the response is grammatically correct
5) the response is concise and not overly wordy

Okay, now you’re ready to take the “Trial Bee”. Please click below on the link of your age group (your age on January 1, 2016).

9-10 year olds Click HERE
11-12 year olds Click HERE
13-14 year olds Click HERE
15-16 year olds Click HERE
17-18 year olds Click HERE