Information for the Final Online Constitution Bee Exam

Congratulations! You have put in the time to be ready to


Congratulations! You have put in the time to be ready to take the national, online Constitution Bee. Thank you for being a part of the solution to provide for America’s future happiness and success!

Warning! Unfortunately, we have had a technical issue that sometimes kicks kids out of the Bee when they are well into it. Although we’re not sure why, at least one reason is when kids push the backspace key. So, don’t use it! Instead use the mouse. If you do get kicked out with not enough time to finish, please let that quiz time out and re-register your child using a different email address by clicking HERE and start over from the beginning with a full time allotment. Then, please email me with this information (old email address and new). Sorry for the hassle. We sure wish this weren’t happening. Hopefully it will all go smoothly for you!

First, Some Technical Issues:

1. This will be the page you will go to when you are ready to take the final Constitution Bee, so you may want to consider bookmarking it or writing down the site address.
2. Before taking the final Constitution Bee you will need to login. After logging in, you will need to come to this page so that you can click on the links at the bottom of this page.
3. The very first question on the Constitution Bee will be a Pledge of Integrity . It is a one-question, multiple choice question that declares your commitment to not use notes and to not use other people to help you when you take the Bee.
4. It will be very important for fill-in-the-blank responses that you spell the word(s) correctly. Misspelled words will be marked incorrect.
5. Please don’t include extra punctuation in your answers. The classic response that was marked wrong over and over again in the trial bee was when “The Constitution.” was typed instead of “The Constitution” was typed. The period (.) at the end was the difference that made the answer incorrect. (If there are technical issues like this, we can work through them (see point #1 below under Reminders) – but it would just be nice to have the system do the grading instead of having to manually do so.
6. The Constitution Bee as a whole will be timed. You will notice the countdown timer across the top. The total amount of time will vary depending on how many questions and what types of questions (obviously essay responses will take much longer than multiple choice). If you know the answers you will get done in plenty of time. If you don’t know the answers, you won’t have enough time to look them up – and, that would be cheating, so the clock is to help discourage that.
7. If you have more than one child in a single age group, if you haven’t already, please register one of them under a different email address as each account will only be able to access an age-specific Bee once. For multiple children from one family, there should not be a problem unless there are more than one in a single age bracket since, as stated above, each account can access an age group only once.

Second, Some Reminders:

1. When you complete the Bee and click the “Finish Quiz” button you will be taken to a results page. Be sure to click on the blue “View Questions” button at the bottom so you can see your answers and compare them to the correct answers (highlighted in green) and the incorrect answers (highlighted in red). If there are any questions marked wrong that you think are right, please copy and paste the entire question and your answer on a separate document and then below it briefly explain why you think it’s right and email me at so we can make adjustments to your final score if appropriate.
2. Make sure to use the “Hint” buttons as provided in some of the questions. They will help you answer the question correctly and in the way the system will recognize it as such.
3. Make sure you’ve watched the summary video in addition to the 6 parts of the Constitution Bee because questions (especially for the older age groups) will come from that video as well.
4. If there are technical problems and things get crazy, don’t worry, we will work things out and make sure you are treated fairly. Just email me at so we can work out the details.

Third, The Rules:

1. RULE #1 – HAVE FUN! You are already a success because you have studied and learned the principles of freedom found in the Constitution!! Don’t stress about the Bee. Enjoy what you’ve learned.
2. The winners will receive a phone call of personal congratulations. The call will provide the winner an opportunity to provide a mailing address for the check to be mailed to and to verify their age. It will also provide the opportunity for the winner to prove through a series of short questions that he/she did indeed prepare for and qualify as the legitimate winner of the Bee.
3. Once you start the final, online Bee you will not be allowed to pause or start again so make sure to allow yourself plenty of time to do your best.
5. You cannot go back and answer questions. One question will be asked at a time and then once the answer is submitted, you cannot go back.

Fourth, A Word About Essays:

1. Some essay question(s) on the final Constitution Bee will ask that the response be 250 words or less. There is no need to get worried about exact word counts as neither the system nor the grader will count words. But a general rule is that a 250-word essay is anywhere from 8-14 sentences. (The shorter, the better!)
2. The text box provided most likely won’t be big enough for 250 words. It can be expanded by simply continuing to type in the provided box or by clicking and dragging in the bottom right hand corner of the text box (where there are diagonal lines) to expand its size.
3. Contrary to what I had planned earlier, 11-12 year olds will also be asked to write an essay response but their responses will be asked to be 100 words or less (which is 4-6 sentences). However they will not be weighted as heavily as the older age groups since their writing skills aren’t as well polished.
4. Essay scoring: Essay(s) (which are worth up to 50 points in certain age groups) will not receive credit for any of the points until graded afterward (which could take a few weeks). Points will be earned according to how well the essay(s) meets the criteria, which are:
1) the response demonstrates a clear and personal understanding of the concept (30%)
2) the response demonstrates organization and logic of thought processes (30%)
3) the response references Constitutional text and/or examples and analogies (30%)
4) the response is grammatically correct (5%)
5) the response is concise and not overly wordy (5%)

Fifth, Additional Information:

The rules of the Bee are that parents cannot participate whatsoever in the Bee (even to help their younger children type) and should not communicate with the child at any point during the Bee. This is a little strict, we know, but it seems the only way to level the playing field and ensure fairness.
In this area we must be sticklers as well. With thousands of participants in the Bee, we need the system to help us grade the questions. We could use more multiple choice questions, but fill-in-the-blank questions are more effective in getting the information into long term memory, so with those two factors in mind, incorrectly spelled words will be marked wrong.
Time Limits on Bees
Each age group has a different amount of time to complete the Bee. We have provided more than enough time to answer the question if you know it, and not enough time to cheat and look it up if you don’t. There shouldn’t be any problems at all with a child not having enough time to complete the Bee if he/she is well prepared (even children who have test anxiety or who are slow readers, typers or information processors will find that the time limit isn’t a factor so please deemphasize this with them.)
9-10: 1 hour, 10 minutes, 75 questions
11-12: 1 hour, 15 minutes, 105 questions
13-14: 1 hour, 20 minutes, 112 questions
15-16: 1 hour, 45 minutes , 150 questions
17-18: 1 hour, 45 minutes, 150 questions
Answering Every Question
The system will force you to answer every question (which is a nice feature to make sure you don’t inadvertently skip a question.) One possibly tricky detail is that each blank must be filled in individually. (i.e. If the correct answer to a question were my first name, “Jeff Hymas” and there were two blanks
______ _______, I might try to type Jeff Hymas in the first blank and submit my answer. The system will produce a pop up box that says I must answer the question before moving on. To do so, I would need to type Jeff in the the first blank, and Hymas in the second blank. Then the system will let me move on to the next question. Hint: use the tab key to skip to skip to the next blank)
Make sure to spell right and fill in every blank
Open Answer
Some questions will just give you an open space to write your answer. This is where spelling is also critical. In the older age groups this is also where questions will be asked for exactly written out clauses. Know your memorization of clauses!
Essay Questions
These questions are where you really get to show your stuff! They will appear at the end of the Bee so that you can use all the remaining time to complete them.
9-10: no essay questions
11-12: 1 short essay (3-4 sentences)
13-14: 2 short (3-4 sentences), 1 long (250 words or so)
15-16: 6 short (3-4 sentences), 1 long (250 words or so)
17-18: 9 short (3-4 sentences), 1 long (250 words or so)

Okay, now you’re ready for the final, online Constitution Bee! Anytime from April 18 to April 23 you can click below on the link of the age group you registered for and it will take you to the national, online Constitution Bee.

Relax – you will do great! You have already succeeded by learning the principles of freedom! Good luck!

*Do not click on the below links until you are ready to take the final, online Constitution Bee. Remember, once you start the Bee you can’t stop and you can only take it once.

9-10 year olds Click HERE
11-12 year olds Click HERE
13-14 year olds Click HERE
15-16 year olds Click HERE
17-18 year olds Click HERE