For Youth

No more fertile ground exists to plant the seeds of freedom

No more fertile ground exists to plant the seeds of freedom than in the minds and hearts of our youth. In the politically chaotic world we live in many people – rightly or wrongly – have given up on party politics.  And, sadly some have even give up on the dream of true and unencumbered freedom.  But no one – not a single soul – has given up on their children or grandchildren.   Every one of us knows that the rising generation is America’s future.  Whoever can inspire their hearts and minds with dreams of opportunity and greatness will hold America’s destiny in their hands.

That’s what the presentations from “In the Constitution for Youth” are all about – inspiring hearts and minds with dreams of opportunity and greatness.  In short – teaching youth about freedom!  We believe that youth respond enthusiastically to truth.  They love learning new things in fun ways that raise their vision of who they really are and what they can become!  Freedom is new.  Freedom is fun.  Freedom is what this generation was born to defend and uphold! Check out the links in the left-hand column for sample clips from each presentation.


The “In the Constitution for Youth” series was born of Jeff’s realization that his first series, “In the Constitution”, wasn’t reaching the most critical audience – America’s next generation!

The principles of freedom found in the Constitution come alive as these truths are introduced in fun and engaging ways in the youth series that teach both the “what” and the “why” of freedom. Jeff is finding that Einstein’s statement, “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself!” has proven to be very true and very challenging. Although these presentations are geared more toward 8 – 15 year olds, they are powerfully simple and engaging for all ages. The first two presentations are complete (Pledge of Allegiance and Self-Evident Truths) and dozens more are on their way.

In addition to the youth series, Jeff has also develped a Constitution Bee – with 15 cash prizes totaling over $10,000! Learn more HERE