Part 4 – The Necessary and Proper Clause

Sometimes the words and concepts of the Constitution can be confusing, but when we apply simple analogies they become crystal clear.

For instance, if I only authorize a mechanic to replace my brakes but he goes ahead and takes off my wheel is that a problem? Or, what if the mechanic figures I would like a sunroof cut into the roof of my car even though all I’ve asked him to do is change out my brakes? What do these analogies have to do with the Necessary and Proper Clause? That’s what this presentation will help you discover! (I’ll give you a hint: The Constitution authorizes Congress to do those things that are necessary and proper in order to carry out the duties given them by the people in the Constitution. Is it necessary to take off my wheel in order to replace my brakes? Yes. But is it necessary to cut a sunroof into the roof of my car to replace my brakes? No.)

In this presentation you’ll have fun learning the powerful principles of freedom found in the Constitution and you’ll find out why the Necessary and Proper Clause is one of the Five Clauses Everyone Should Know!

Here is a short clip from Part 4 – The Necessary and Proper Clause.

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