Part 3 – The General Welfare Clause

Sometimes the words and concepts of the Constitution can be confusing, but when we apply simple analogies they become crystal clear.

For instance, what’s wrong with my mechanic shop turning my old Camry into a Ferrari? Or, if Johnny’s mom tells him he can go outside to play as long as he stays in the yard, but he chooses to go across the street and swing on the swings claiming that she never said specifically that he couldn’t go the park, is that all right? What do these analogies have to do with the General Welfare Clause? That’s what this presentation will help you discover! (I’ll give you a hint: The Congress is only authorized to do those things we the people told them they could do in the Constitution. And, the Constitution lists the things Congress can do, it doesn’t list all the things the Congress can’t do.)

In this presentation you’ll have fun learning the powerful principles of freedom found in the Constitution and you’ll find out why the General Welfare Clause is one of the Five Clauses Everyone Should Know!

Here is a short clip from Part 3 – The General Welfare Clause:

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