Part 1 – The Introduction to Five Clauses Everyone Should Know

In this introduction to the series, Five Clauses Everyone Should Know, we get back to the basics – or at least what should be the basics that most of us were never taught in school.

We explore and analyze in fun and interactive ways the basic elements of the Constitution in order to establish a firm foundation for further analysis and exploration in the following five presentations. For instance, did you know that the Constitution is divided into 7 different parts and each of these parts – called articles – has its own unique topic? Or, that each article is also divided further into sub-parts known as sections? And, did you know that each section is divided further into clauses and that in the clauses is where we actually get the meat of the Constitution; that articles and sections are just organizational terms for helping us locate and orient ourselves within the document? Well, that’s the type of information this first presentation explores. And, we do it in fun and interactive ways including word plays, games and activities that make the information fun and exciting!

Here is a short clip from Part 1 – The Introduction to Five Clauses Everyone Should Know.

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