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What Is It?

In short, the Adult Constitution Bee is a response to popular demand. After launching the nationwide youth Constitution Bee I – Five Clauses Everyone Should Know – and providing parents with opportunities to have meaningful discussions with their children regarding principles of freedom, parents started contacting us about wanting to participate in a Bee. So, we created the Adult Constitution Bee.

The Adult Constitution Bee is based on Constitution Bee I, which is a constitutional study course consisting of a video series, accompanying quizzes and a final online exam with cash prizes for top performers. Learn more about the youth Constitution Bee I HERE

Seven, 20-minute videos make up the video series, “Five Clauses Everyone Should Know” upon which Constitution Bee I (and the Adult Constitution Bee) is based. Their accompanying quizzes encourage parents and children to discuss freedom principles found in the Constitution. (If you child hasn’t yet participated in Constitution Bee I, you can register him/her by clicking HERE. Then, together, you can learn the principles of freedom found in the Constitution and maybe even win some cash along the way!)

The Bee will emphasize how the Constitution applies to our everyday lives and will utilize word plays, analogies, activities and interactive games to instill the simple, yet powerful foundational principles of freedom into your hearts and mind in a way that will remain with you for the rest of your lives.

How Does It Work?

In order to prepare for the final, online Adult Constitution Bee exam, registered participants watch the video series available for streaming in the left-hand column under the title, “Constitution Bee 1”, take the accompanying quizzes, bonus questions and the practice Constitution Bee, and then login once during a specified week (yet to be determined) to take the final exam.

How Much Can I Win??

The Adult Constitution Bee offers three cash prizes for its top winners:

1st place: $1000

2nd place: $500

3rd place: $250

Can You Provide Any More Details About the Final, Online Adult Constitution Bee Exam??

Sure! Just click HERE

What Do I Need to Do??

Register HERE, follow the instructions you receive in the confirmation email, and get started viewing the videos and taking the quizzes. Most of all, enjoy learning the principles of freedom found in the Constitution!