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Who is Jeff Hymas? Jeff Hymas is the founder of “In


Who is Jeff Hymas?

Jeff Hymas is the founder of “In the Constitution” – an organization dedicated to teaching as many people as possible the true principles of freedom found “In the Constitution.” He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the Marriott School of Management at BYU and has his MBA from Idaho State University.

He spent the first 10 years of his career in Human Resources. In his position as HR Manager, he researched and became interested in the effects of Obamacare on the financial health of the company he worked for and found that implementation of Obamacare would cost the company of 500 employees $2.7M. Their other option, opting out of Obamacare, would cost the company $900K. Meanwhile, in his personal studies, Jeff was developing a passion for principles of freedom. The two elements – freedom and oppression – came to a head when Jeff decided to shadow his Idaho State Senator to learn more. The Senator encouraged Jeff to share what he had learned in his research regarding Obamacare at the House and Senate committee hearings regarding a nullification bill the Senator was sponsoring – coincidentally the very week Jeff was shadowing him (maybe not so coincidental!) And, as they say, the rest is history.

Jeff, his wife, and young family of now 8 children moved to Wyoming where Jeff spent three years traveling the state teaching his presentations to thousands of people. His passion lies in helping to educate Americans – especially youth – about the depth and beauty of what is in the U.S. Constitution and in helping them stand for liberty by teaching them correct principles they can apply in their lives.

What are Jeff’s Credentials?

Jeff has been blessed to have:

-Presented “In the Constitution” seminar series over 450 times throughout 4 states.
-Produced and distributed over 3,500 DVDs across the nation
-Been a guest lecturer at nationwide conferences
-Developed a personal relationship with thousands of individuals and leaders of organizations in the freedom movement across the western states and the Midwest
-Appeared on multiple radio stations
-Worked personally and gained a friendship with over 20 state legislators

Why Did Jeff Create “In the Constitution”?

It all began with him setting out to determine if a governmental solution really existed that:

  • We can all agree on – that unifies us instead of further divides us

  • Anybody can do and that is completely within each individual’s control

  • Strikes at the root of the issue instead of hacks at the branches

  • Is positive instead of negative – provides something we can be proud to fight for rather than against!

  • Is guaranteed to work!

Although it didn’t seem likely or realistic that such a solution did in fact exist, what he found was that learning the principles of freedom was just such a solution. So, he set off on a journey to learn and to then share with others all that he could about the principles of freedom found “In the Constitution”.

What Are the Goals of “In the Constitution”?

We live in a politically turbulent world where proposed solutions to our problems often revolve around the opinions of the media and political pundits.   It is ironic that the answers to our problems lie in the document that serves as the supreme law of our land and yet we rarely refer to it or call upon the solutions it provides. In the most basic terms, the goal of “In the Constitution” is to help all Americans refamiliarize themselves with the actual text of the Constitution and to discover in that great document the timeless principles of freedom upon which our nation was established and our freedom and prosperity were secured. We believe that we will be pleasantly surprised to learn that real solutions to our present-day problems are found right before our very eyes!

In short, the answer to “why” does “In the Constitution” exist is, very simply, that we believe that only an educated people can be trusted to govern themselves.  As we learn the foundational principles of freedom found in the Constitution, we will realize how critical and valuable they are and it will affect the way we choose to govern ourselves. When what is “In the Constitution” is in the hearts and minds of every American, America will once again be the free nation it was founded to be.


Here is what others are saying about the series

Representative Lynn Hutchings, Wyoming House District 42

I truly enjoy your Constitution presentations. I have learned so much from them and know, as a legislator, I am equipped to deal with almost any subject dealing with the Constitution. I have purchased extra copies to hand out and highly recommend people purchase their own sets or come to one of your classes. Thank you so much for all you have done to help educate the citizens in Wyoming with your in-depth, topical studies on the Constitution.

Sam Tucceri, Executive Administrator, JHTP

Jeff was a pleasure to work with. The way he interacted with the crowd, his positive speaking tone, and his wonderfully researched presentations, served for a great event! The two presentations he has done for the Jackson Hole Tea Party were two of the best attended events we have had. I would highly recommend Jeff. He is truly professional, and extremely educational.

Senator Paul Barnard, Wyoming Senate District 15

I have enjoyed greatly the Constitution series presented by Jeff Hymas. Jeff is a great teacher and explains clearly the influence the Constitution can have on our lives. I learn something new each time I attend.

Representative Gerald Gay, Wyoming House District 36

Your “In the Constitution” presentations have proven invaluable to me. My day job as a legislator demands that I have a practical working knowledge of the Constitution. Your presentations, along with your commentaries regarding the history of the development of the Constitution have been amazingly helpful!

Representative Robert McKim, Wyoming House District 21

I have enjoyed the constitutional classes I have been attending. I think I have learned more about constitutional powers and what was proposed by our founding fathers then I would have ever learned by staying in school for 40 years. I would like to thank Jeff for his knowledge and his willingness to share it with me. I could actually understand what he told us and asked us to study. Thank you and please continue your service.