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What Is It?

Constitution Bee I – Five Clauses Everyone Should Know, is a constitutional study course with a video series, accompanying quizzes and a final online exam where if one scores well he/she can earn cash prizes. It served as the featured Bee from late 2015 to early 2016 and the culminating, online Constitution Bee I exam was offered the week of April 18-23 where youth ages 9-18 logged in once during the week and took the exam to compete in their respective age groups for 15 cash prizes worth over $10,000! Constitution Bee I now serves as an archived Bee where youth ages 9-18 who haven’t yet taken the final exam can view the videos and take the accompanying quizzes at their own pace and, when ready, can login once and take the final, online Constitution Bee I exam and hopefully score over 90% and win up to $500.

Seven, 20-minute videos make up the video series, “Five Clauses Everyone Should Know” upon which Constitution Bee I is based. The videos are designed to get children and their parents talking about the principles of freedom. Their accompanying quizzes encourage parents to quiz their youth and youth to quiz their parents and along the way reignite the flame of freedom.

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The Bee will emphasize how the Constitution applies to our everyday lives and will utilize word plays, analogies, activities and interactive games to instill in youth the simple, yet powerful foundational principles of freedom that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

How Does It Work?

In order to prepare for the final, online Constitution Bee I exam, registered participants watch the video series (made available via download at registration or always available for streaming in the left-hand column of any page under “Constitution Bee I”), take the accompanying quizzes, bonus questions and the practice Constitution Bee, and then, when ready, login to take the final exam.

The focus of the information and the questions will be on the principles, not the trivia, of the Constitution. Too often Constitutional information is taught and tested based on facts, such as, “How many years does a Senator serve?” Answer: “6” But, although this is the correct answer and it serves as a good starting place, such information doesn’t instill in Americans an understanding of and a deep respect for freedom. It is safer to focus on facts because they aren’t controversial. But what our country needs is courageous and bold teaching of the principles of freedom that made and continue to make this country great! That’s what the Constitution Bee is all about!

For example, a sample question from the Bee states, “From the Supremacy Clause, Article VI, Clause 2, comes the phrase. ‘…the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof … shall be the supreme law of the land.’ What does the term ‘pursuance’ mean and why does it matter in terms of a federal law becoming the supreme law of the land?”

Answer: “To pursue means to follow. A federal law must follow the Constitution. If a federal law violates or ignores the Constitution rather than follows it, then it should not be the supreme law of the land.”

Granted, this is high-level questioning that requires high-level thought, but dozens of youth of varying ages have participated in preliminary Bees and have proven that if taught correctly, the principles of freedom (in this case the principle of a Republican form of government where the law – the Constitution – is supreme, not the lawmakers) can be clearly understood and applied in a way that instills in each heart a deep love, respect and appreciation for our Constitution. And, if youth are taught to focus on the beauty of the Constitution rather than on the ugliness of our current political situation they will see that the battle is a battle for good, not a battle against bad. They will catch the vision of providing a real solution based on promoting principles rather than on spreading negativity and criticism.

Of course, such questions and answers are not best answered on a bubble sheet – and correcting them will take a lot of time and effort – but life doesn’t happen on a bubble sheet, so the extra effort will be worth it.

How Do I Earn the Cash Prizes??

Because Constitution Bee I already launched, it is not the featured Bee where a certain week during the year is chosen as the designated time period in which all registered participants take the Bee and cash prizes are awarded to the top 3 winners in each age bracket. (To participate in the featured Bee – Constitution Bee II – and compete for over $6,000 in cash prizes, click HERE. You can be registered and participate in both Bees). But – and here’s the good news – if you have not yet taken Constitution Bee I, you can register and take the Bee on your own time and at your own pace and earn cash prizes as long as you score a 90% or higher. Each age group has differing cash prize amounts:

There are 5 age brackets with 3 winners per bracket.

        9-10 year olds: $100

        11-12 year olds: $200

        13-14 year olds: $300

        15-16 year olds: $400

        17-18 year olds: $500

Who Can Participate?

Any U.S. citizen across the country, age 9-18, who wants to have a great time learning the Constitution.

What Age Group Do I Participate In?

You should participate in the age group of what age you will be when you take the final Bee.  If there is a question as to when you’ll actually be ready to take the Bee in relation to what exact age you’ll be at the time, please just participate in the older age group.

Tell Me More About the Video Series,“Five Clauses Everyone Should Know” Back to top

“Five Clauses Everyone Should Know” is the 6-part video series that serves as the study guide for the Constitution Bee.  A digital download of the series comes free with registration for the Bee.  All questions for the Bee will come directly from the information presented in this series. The first segment covers the introduction and the basics of the Constitution. The next 5 segments cover, in-depth, the five clauses everyone should know – the Supremacy, Treaty Law, Necessary and Proper, Interstate Commerce and General Welfare clauses. The idea is to reach students in the way that they learn best – whether it be auditory, visual or kinesthetic. For this reason every segment consists of a 20-minute video presentation (mostly full of analogies and word plays), 2 group games* or activities that support the principles being taught, a short quiz to be taken immediately following the video (to provide emphasis and focus on the most important principles) and a 3-minute cumulative review tacked on to the beginning of the next video in the series in order to get the principles into long-term memory).

*Games like this one:

What Will I Learn?

All kinds of great things! And, you’ll have a blast doing it! The Constitution will come alive with examples and analogies you can relate to and easily understand. No longer will you feel that what is in the Constitution is a mystery. Instead, you will feel empowered because you will know what it means and why it matters and your new found knowledge will literally change the way you view the world around you.

What Do I Need To Do?

Register for the Constitution Bee, download “Five Clauses Everyone Should Know”, which is included with registration, and get started learning what’s in the Constitution like you never have before! The more you watch the video series and take the quizzes the better chance you’ll have of winning the cash prizes when you take the online Constitution Bee!

Why Are You Doing this as an Online Event Instead of Face-to-Face?

There is no question that nothing can replace the power of personal interaction and of face-to-face teaching and learning. For this reason we will be rolling out some incentives and programs to encourage families and friends to host practice Constitution Bees in their homes. If you’re interested in hosting a live Constitution Bee event in your community, or with friends and family contact us to discuss details about how we can help you fund it, host it and make it successful!

That being said, there’s no question that the most powerful tool to reach a wide number of youth is the Internet. And, getting these principles into the hearts and minds of as many people as possible is at the core of our mission. So, the natural choice is to go online where our time, resources, and efforts can be concentrated on the content of the Bee rather than on the logistics of it.

What About the Possibility of Cheating?

We sure hope that wouldn’t happen but just to be sure we take the following precautions:

1. Before participating in the Bee, each participant must sign a statement of honesty declaring that they are the one taking the Bee and that they aren’t using notes or answer keys.

2. The Bee will be timed so that only those who have studied and understand and can apply the principles will be able to do well on the Bee

3. There will be an essay question (worth a very significant amount of points) that will sift out potential cheaters.

4. Questions will be randomized

5. Only one question at a time will be viewable and will not be able to be revisited to further reduce the possibility of an unprepared student working the system

Where Does All the Money for the Cash Prizes Come FromBack to top

The money comes from wonderful Americans who believe that the cause of educating America’s youth is the key to America’s future. They are donating to the Constitution Bee because they believe in the next generation!

If you, or anyone you know, would like to support the Constitution Bee, please refer to this site for more information. Donations can be made at or by clicking HERE.